English FAQ’s


1.       Can I get assistance with a security deposit if I needed help?

Yes, we can assist you with applying for a security deposit.

2.       What are the benefits of participating in the Mobility Program?

  • – Assistance finding a unit
  • – Workshops on home maintenance, financial management, and tenant rights
  • – Assistance from a Mobility Counselor throughout the moving process
  • – Personalized Mobility Action Plan that details a family’s goals for moving

3.       How long after I move will I receive counseling?

You can receive counseling for up to two years.

4.       I don’t have a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), can you help me?

Unfortunately, this program is not designed to help people without a Housing Choice Voucher.

5.       What if I want to move to a town that is not on your list?

We can only assist you if you want to move to a high or very high opportunity town.

6.       I am not from the Harford region but would still like to take part in your program, am I eligible?

          Yes, as long as you fulfill the requirements for the program, we should be able to relocate you to a high-opportunity town on our list.

7.       I am not at the end of my lease but would like to relocate, is there a way to get out of my current lease?

You will need to get a lease release form from your HVC case manager and have your current landlord agrees to sign the release if so you can relocate.

8.       Do you provide any support for moving expenses?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any support for moving expenses.

9.       Does your program deal with home buying or just rentals?

We can only assist you with finding apartments.

10.     Can I find an apartment on my own?

Yes, you may find an apartment on your own as long as it’s in a high opportunity area we can continue to assist you.

11.     I don’t own a car, will this affect my ability to move to a high opportunity neighborhood?

No, not owning a car doesn’t affect your ability to move to a high opportunity area, we will assist you in finding an area with local transportation.


1) How do I get involved in your program?

To become a participating landlord, all you need to do is lease your rental unit to a Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) or RAP Voucher holder through our program.

2) How will I receive rent payment?

You will receive a portion of the rent directly from the HCV (Section 8), and a portion from the tenant.

3) Will the prospective tenants be screened?

Yes, they are screened for credit, income and background checks by HCV.  They are also educated on finances, home upkeep, and being a good tenant.

4) What if there are issues with the tenant(s) after they move in?

The Housing Mobility Team will be there as a neutral party to mediate any issues between tenant and landlord to insure a successful relationship.

5) What are the benefits for me as a landlord?

– Constant tenant base (Lower Vacancy Rate)

– Guaranteed rent payments

– By participating in the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program, you are helping low-income families obtain housing in high opportunity communities.